Botox For TMJ Relief

What is BOTOX™?

BOTOX® is a drug prepared from botulin, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions.

How can BOTOX™ injections help TMJ?

Scientific studies show that BOTOX® injections offer significant improvements in pain, function, ability to open mouth, and in chewing comfortably. BOTOX® can eliminate headaches resulting from teeth grinding and clenching and often relaxes the facial muscle tension that can result from stress.

Dr Webber possesses expert knowledge of facial nerves and muscle. He is able to inject BOTOX® into the jaw muscles which will block the nerve signals that cause uncontrollable muscle movements, thus relaxing the muscles. BOTOX® injections take only 15-20 minutes and remain effective for a period of 2-6 months. To sustain relief, the injections may have to be repeated every few months. The relief of your symptoms varies from patient to patient and will depend on your own TMJ condition.

Dr Webber is one of few Maxillofacial Surgeons in Queensland who perform the full scope of temporo-mandibular joint surgery, thus giving him superior knowledge and skill associated with disorders encompassing TMJ or TMD. BOTOX® treatment for these associated conditions may not be suitable for every patient, however, this can be deciphered following a consultation and full examination with Dr Webber.

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